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Welcome to KuwashaTech

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About KuwashaTech

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Who Are We?

KuwashaTech is an Edtech startup company. Our aim is to connect students, graduates and job seekers to universities, companies and opportunities. KuwashaTech aims to do this by creating new communities and platforms that will connect you the student and job seeker to your respective ecosystem.

Our Vision

KuwashaTech is a completely BLACK owned and BLACK built startup in the Edtech space. Our vision is to empower and connect the African child to relevant content and information. We aim to do this by building communities and platforms that will connect the African child in not only South Africa but in Africa.

The more connected the African child is the more knowledgeable he/she is.

KuwashaTech is constantly working on new technologies to fulfill this vision by releasing a new tech product every two months

Our Products

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BWIS Connect

Is an online community for Aspiring Black Female Scientists, to collaborate,engage and network with not just their peers but with the entire Science ecosystem. The platform also allows its users to connect with job opportunities and direct access to companies and foundations in their fields of interest.

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Sebenza Connect

Is an online jobs platform where graduates and jobseekers are able to build and maintain professional CV/Resumes, apply for jobs and internships, complete online aptitude tests and stay up to breast with the latest trends and insights in the jobs market.

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